"You come to nature with all
her theories, and she knocks
them all flat."
          - Renoir

I bought a tiny "travel" watercolor kit on a vacation about 20 years ago. I just wanted to try it, and, like a curious fish, I got hooked! I am in my mid-60's, and have lived in Carmel Valley for almost 40 years.

These paintings are all done in the field, out-of-doors, in the company of ground squirrels, birds, bugs, sun, fog, rain, and in many cases, friends. There's an intensity of painting in the plein-air style that requires being present in every detail of the day. I like that. It becomes exhilarating and humbling, frustrating and full of wonder.

My background is varied - a photographer, a poet, a silver and goldsmith, a teacher of science, math, and art. And a painter, trying to stay in the moment and take home some of the beauty that lives there.

Thank you for visiting.
Reid Woodward